Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Rotary Club of Clearwater Beach is a diverse group of business and community leaders committed to making our local and global community a better place to live. Through fellowship, discovery and partnership, we are dedicated to engaging the community and enriching the lives of our members by having fun and making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Mission Statement

To provide business, professional, and community leaders an opportunity for service to others in order to benefit our community and to promote high ethical standards, fellowship, and goodwill worldwide.

Guiding Principles and Values

  • Cooperation (with other clubs, network organizations, and community partnerships)
  • Service to youth and elderly
  • Cost-efficient leveraging of resources
  • Support for specific recipients
    • Clearwater Marine Aquarium
    • Rotary Camp Florida
    • Rotary Youth Exchange
    • HEP
    • Clearwater Free Clinic
    • S4TL
    • Rotary Foundation

Strategic Goals


  • Increase membership by net 15% per year
  • Add honorary member
  • Prepare club member disaster plan
  • Membership orientation/Passport/Red Badge
  • Sunset Social 2X per year

Training and Leadership Development

  • Develop 3-year leadership team
  • 75% of BOD attends District Annual Training
  • 25% of BOD completes RLI
  • 10% of members attend RLI annually
  • A member of leadership team attends International Conference
  • At least one district seminar per year for each member

Strategic Planning

  • Semi-annual review of 3-Year Plan
  • Club budget reviewed semi-annually
  • Club Charities budget reviewed annually
  • Annual calendar of events on website and DACDB

Rotary International Foundation

  • Become 100% Sustaining member club
  • Become 100% Paul Harris

Service Projects

  • At least one global service project per year
  • Contribute $500 annually to Rotary Camp Florida
  • At least 2 hands-on projects a year
  • Participate in District and global grants
  • At least one service project for Clearwater Beach per year
    • McKay Park cleanup


  • Two coordinators assigned to Parking
  • Ruth Eckerd Event
  • Triathlon for Clearwater Beach
  • Boat Yard Bash

Public Image/Public Relations

  • At least one published article in local newspaper per month
  • Weekly updates on Facebook and website
  • Partner with community groups to raise awareness of Clearwater Beach Rotary
  • Reinstate annual Painting for Peace Day
  • Partner with Brown Boxer to organize Boatyard Bash


  • Fireside chats
  • New members involved in at least one club committee
  • New members involved in at least one district committee
  • Members attend at least one other Rotary club meeting
  • Reinstate Sunset Socials

Contingency Plan

  • Prepare for unplanned leadership vacancies
    • At least 2 members actively participate on any committee
    • 3-year leadership team
  • Funding budgeted for disasters
  • Funding budgeted for emergent community needs

Youth Service

  • Direct involvement in Rotary Youth Exchange program
  • Start local Interact Club
  • Interview team established for S4TL
  • Work with local students to interview persons in assisted living facilities